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When should you visit a urologist?

There is not a fixed time or interval when you should visit a urologist. Many urologists say that people visit them when people suffer severe pain or burns in urination. But you should not wait for the problem to be more complicated. Urologists in Jaipur suggest that you should see the doctor as soon as you experience difficulty in urination or minor pain.

Let’s find out when you should visit a urologist

Bladder control

If you feel you are urinating more than usual or feeling leakage of urine, then it’s time to see a doctor. It is called an overactive bladder where a person urinates more often. You will gradually realize that you are using the washroom more often. And when you notice this you must soon get yourself checked. Early identification will help in treating the condition just by some changes in your lifestyle and medications.

Severe pain in the lower back

The common reason for such pain in your lower back can be a kidney stone. And it is something you should treat fast, as over time the pain will increase. Symptoms, apart from pain, are bad-smelling urine, cloudy urine, blood in the urine. And you must visit a urologist when you experience any of these.

Erectile dysfunction

If you are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction but hesitating in seeing a doctor, then you are making a big mistake. The first person you should visit is a urologist. More often it is seen that such a problem is psychological and can be cured with minimum medicines. But even if it is complicated then the doctor can provide you the best solution. Therefore, you must visit rather than hesitating.

You might not want to repeat the story to different doctors; therefore, you must visit a urologist directly. He will guide you both medically and emotionally because the patient suffering from ED needs emotional support too.

Urinary tract infection

Most people ignore the pain and slight burns in urinations. And this becomes the reason for severe pains and unbearable burning. It is recommended to see a doctor when you feel a problem with urination. He will test your urine and bladder, if the infection is not much it can be treated with anti-inflammatory medicines. And it will prevent any further spread of the same.


If it has been more than six to twelve months, you and your partner are not able to conceive. You should visit a urologist for a checkup. He will perform semen tests, and ultrasounds to examine your fertility. You should not delay your appointment, as with increasing age the problem increases.

Fallen bladder

Women suffer from this state, and it can affect vaginal health. Often the common reason for this is obesity, childbirth, and age. The symptoms for it can be painful intercourse, a feeling that your bladder is not empty after urinating, pelvis area paining, and low back pain.

Women sometimes feel embarrassed to discuss the problem but both surgical and non-surgical options are available nowadays.


You should never avoid any signs that your body is giving you. Be it even the common flu or severe urination pain. You must see your doctor as you feel discomfort, to avoid more complications. Visiting a urologist will be the best care for any urination, bladder, and kidney problems. As soon as you visit the doctor the better and accurate results you will get.

It is often seen that people hesitate to talk about such problems. But the more you will hide the more they will grow. A urologist will not only help you with your bladder issues but with fertility and erection related issues also.

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