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Urology Services Jaipur

We, at the Institute of Urology, make sure that you get the best services. And we are one of the best institutes for catering your urology and laparoscopic surgery needs. You might be feeling hesitant in visiting a urologist out of shyness or might be worried about confidentiality. But we promise to serve you the best way and keep your information between you and the doctor.

Our 24hrs services and qualified staff will take care of your worries and queries. With us you don’t need to worry about the client relations, accuracy of reports and treatments and medicinal services. Along with the medical facilities we also take care of your diet and food, and with VIP services you get a personal manager, no waiting, and prior appointments.

24*7 Emergency services

Serving people round the clock, we are here at your service every day, every time. Our fully equipped ambulances are maintained for taking care of patients of any condition. Stretchers, oxygen trays, qualified doctors and nurses.

We, as urologists in Jaipur, try to provide solutions to all your problems anytime, and for crucial conditions. Once you trust us, you can rely on us for all queries, treatments, and emergency support. We believe in serving you in the best way with quality services and qualified doctors.

24hrs drug store

Getting correct and updated drugs is every patient’s need. We are here to serve you with every medicinal need of yours, other drugs and even surgical tools. You can get all these in our 24 hrs drug store.

The storage is as per the standards, and we have only registered pharmacists as employees in stores. You get the best medicines, and proper guidance and usage instruction with friendly staff. It helps you to discuss all the queries without any hesitation.

24hrs diagnostic services

Qualified staff and effective machines for all your diagnosis needs. Services like X-ray, 2D-echo, ECG etc are available. And all these are fully operational day and night. Along with technically efficient machines and professional doctors, you get the best care and accurate results.

Many urologists in Jaipur do not have updated machineries to cater to the needs. We are having all the required tools and machines for accurate results and proper care. It ensures that your treatment is going well and you will see the results.


To serve the needs of critical patients, and those who need intensive care after surgeries. We are well equipped with all the modern machines and life support equipment like ventilators, defibrillators. Qualified doctors and other professional staff take care of the patients, so the relatives can relax and be assured that their loved ones are being taken care of.

We have an esteemed panel of urologists and the professional staff which guarantees the best healthcare services to the patients.

VIP services

We know your time is precious, and with the institute of urology’s VIP services we take care that you get best services by investing your minimum time. You get personal assistance from the first appointment to the complete diagnosis.

The benefits you get include prior reservations, a personal manager, and the best part is no waiting. With all these benefits you save a lot of your time and efforts too.


We serve not only the patients but also their relatives and family members. You can have a meal in our cafeteria, which has all the healthy and nutritious options available. We offer soups, salads, other hot and cold foods, and grills. We serve everyone including doctors, staff, patients and visitors.

You can eat without worrying about the hygiene and quality of food. As we believe in serving the best to you.


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