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Bladder Cancer Treatment

There are several different treatments for bladder cancer. The best treatment for you depends on the type and stage of your cancer and your overall health. Treatment options may be combined. Get the best Bladder Cancer Treatment in Jaipur at our Institute of Urology.

The bladder is an organ located in the lower part of the abdomen and is responsible to store urine that is produced by the kidneys. Here we discuss the possible causes, signs, and symptoms as well as Bladder Cancer Treatment in Jaipur.  The symptoms of Bladder cancer are often not apparent until the disease has progressed to an advanced and sometimes fatal stage. This means that if you’re genetically susceptible to bladder cancer, you must be diligent about testing and early detection.

The bladder is an empty organ in your pelvic area which stores urine. When cancer begins in the cells lining the inside of the bladder, it is called bladder cancer. Although it usually affects older adults, it can occur at any age. Institute of Urology provides the best Bladder Cancer Treatment in Jaipur as the institute is a perfect synergy of technology, workforce, and compassion.

We are capable of conducting all Laparoscopic and Robotic Urology procedures under our Bladder Cancer Treatment in Jaipur. Apart from curative measures, we also focus on prevention through education and awareness. This is crucial on two counts. One, the early presentation and timely intervention can lead to better treatment outcomes. Two, individuals will achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

H2: Best Clinic for Bladder Cancer Treatment in Jaipur

Our Bladder Cancer Treatment in Jaipur depends on the type of cancer, how advanced the cancer is, its spread and the age of the patient. The treatment aims to fight cancer and restores its ability to eliminate cancer cells in the future.

Causes of Bladder Cancer:

The most common causes of Bladder Cancer are smoking cigarettes, bidis, hookah and exposure to chemicals in industries such as dyes, metal, paints, leather, textile, and organic chemicals. Over 90 percent of all bladder cancers originate in the urothelium and then may invade the lamina propria and detrusor muscle.

The options of our Bladder Cancer Treatment in Jaipur include Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Immunotherapy, and Intravesical therapy. Sometimes, the best option may include a combination of more than one type of treatment. Surgery, alone or with other options is viable for most bladder cancer treatment.

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer:

  •    Blood in the urine (urine looks bright red or rusty)
  •    Pain or burning when urinating
  •    Passing urine often
  •    Feeling the need to urinate but no urine comes out
  •    Difficulty in passing urine


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