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Prostate Surgery

Prostate surgeries offer men with prostate cancer an option that will allow them to live an active and comfortable life. Our Prostate Surgery in Jaipur is the oldest cancer treatment around, but it can only help men who have localized prostate cancer that has not metastasized and spread throughout the body.

Sometimes the removal of the entire prostate gland is required. Radical prostatectomy may also remove some of the seminal vesicles, surrounding nerves, and veins. Occasionally part of the urethra may also need to be removed. If this is necessary, the man may experience penile shrinkage. Prostate surgery can be extremely painful even during the best of conditions. It can also cause lifelong problems with urination and sex making the cure as worse than the disease you are trying to get rid of. We provide the best possible solution by our Prostate Surgery in Jaipur.

Treatment for a kidney stone and cancer depends on the size and stage of the disease. An operation to remove the kidney because of kidney cancer is called a Nephrectomy. A kidney stone can be removed by LASER RIRS, ESWL, PCNL and URSL. Urinary control is the general problem in both male and female in all sorts of age groups. As being specialist in Prostate Surgery in Jaipur, we provide the treatment of this difficult problem both with medicines and surgery in both male and females of all age groups.

Get the best Prostate Surgery in Jaipur

From the point of view of the anatomy of the man, the prostate is a gland situated in the male reproductive system, and its found below the bladder, in front of the rectum. It surrounds the part of the urethra just below the bladder, the tube that empties the bladder, and produces a fluid which forms a part of the content of the semen. Prostate cancer is that type of cancer that forms in the tissues of the prostate, and usually, the older man presents prostate cancer. Here we are providing the best Prostate Surgery in Jaipur that will be helpful for you to get rid of this problem.

If you are planning to have Prostate Surgery in Jaipur you may need to speak to your doctor about incontinence. It is fairly common for males to have incontinence problems after surgery as the prostate needs to heal since the muscles have been sliced and stretched. To support you prevent indulgence here are some things that you require to know about prostate surgery.


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