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RIRS or retrograde intra renal surgery is a minimally invasive technique for removal of kidney stones. This minimally invasive surgery is most favoured option for patient s with renal stone as involves minimum complications. 

RIRS involves passage of fine endoscope through urethra into the inside of patient’s kidney. Holmium laser is used to fragment or dust the stone. Almost blood loos surgery , no need of blood transfusion, minimal hospital stay @ 1 day & minimal complications has made and most acceptable from of treatment for both patients and surgeon. 

Most recent advancement in RIRS is robot assisted RIRS ( RA- RIRS). Once endoscope reaches the stone in the kidney, fragmentation of stone  by laser is carried out by AVICENNA ROBO FLEXROBOT , while surgeon is much away from the patient is a consol and control the robot movement through computers. Surgeon can perform the procedure in sitting position thus avoiding fatigue and excessive finger and wrist movements are also avoided thus reducing orthopaedic complaints for surgeon. Further radiation exposure to surgeon is significantly less as he still away. Large stone are more amenable for laser fragmentation in single stage surgery using robo flex robot. 

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