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Myths About Stapler Circumcision: Separating Fact from Fiction

Myths About Stapler Circumcision: Separating Fact from Fiction: Stapler circumcision, also known as disposable circumcision stapler or circumcision with a disposable stapler, has gained popularity as a surgical technique for male circumcision. However, with its rise in use, misconceptions and myths surrounding this procedure have emerged, leading to confusion among patients and healthcare providers alike. In this comprehensive guide, we debunk common myths about stapler circumcision, providing evidence-based insights to help clarify misconceptions and inform decision-making.

Myths About Stapler Circumcision- Separating Fact from Fiction Dr Rajan Bansal

Myth 1: Stapler Circumcision is More Painful than Traditional Methods

One prevalent myth surrounding stapler circumcision is that it is more painful compared to traditional circumcision techniques. However, studies have shown that stapler circumcision is associated with comparable or even lower pain levels than conventional methods. A systematic review published in the Journal of Pediatric Urology found that patients undergoing stapler circumcision reported similar or lower pain scores compared to those undergoing conventional circumcision, with no significant difference in postoperative pain intensity [1]. Additionally, the use of local anesthesia during stapler circumcision further minimizes discomfort and ensures patient comfort during the procedure.

Myth 2: Stapler Circumcision Results in Higher Complication Rates

Another misconception about stapler circumcision is that it is associated with higher complication rates compared to traditional techniques. However, evidence suggests that stapler circumcision is a safe and effective procedure with low complication rates when performed by experienced healthcare providers. A prospective study published in the International Journal of Surgery compared the complication rates of stapler circumcision versus traditional circumcision and found no significant difference in complication rates between the two groups [2]. Moreover, stapler circumcision offers advantages such as faster operative times, reduced blood loss, and improved cosmetic outcomes, further supporting its safety and efficacy.

Myth 3: Stapler Circumcision Leads to Increased Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

There is a misconception that stapler circumcision may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction due to concerns about potential damage to erectile tissue during the procedure. However, studies investigating the long-term effects of stapler circumcision on erectile function have found no evidence to support this claim. A retrospective cohort study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine evaluated erectile function outcomes in patients undergoing stapler circumcision and found no significant difference in erectile function scores compared to age-matched controls [3]. These findings suggest that stapler circumcision does not adversely affect erectile function and can be considered a safe option for male circumcision.

Myth 4: Stapler Circumcision Results in Inferior Cosmetic Outcomes

There is a misconception that stapler circumcision may result in inferior cosmetic outcomes compared to traditional circumcision techniques. However, studies evaluating cosmetic outcomes following stapler circumcision have reported favorable results, with high patient satisfaction rates and minimal scarring. A prospective study published in the International Journal of Surgery assessed cosmetic outcomes in patients undergoing stapler circumcision and found satisfactory cosmetic results in the majority of cases, with minimal scarring and aesthetically pleasing outcomes [4]. Additionally, the use of absorbable staples in stapler circumcision minimizes the risk of staple marks and ensures a cosmetically appealing appearance.


Stapler circumcision is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive surgical technique for male circumcision, offering advantages such as reduced operative time, lower postoperative pain, and improved cosmetic outcomes compared to traditional methods. By debunking common myths surrounding stapler circumcision and providing evidence-based insights, healthcare providers can educate patients and promote informed decision-making regarding circumcision options. With its proven safety, efficacy, and favorable outcomes, stapler circumcision remains a valuable tool in the armamentarium of male circumcision techniques.

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