Recurrent Urethral Stenosis

Dr. Rajan Bansal Best Urologist in Jaipur

A case of failed urethroplasty in women, treated at Institute of Urology, Jaipur

Recurrent urethral stenosis in women often requires too frequent urethral dilatation. Open urethroplasty is sometimes the only solution to avoid this problem. Even urethroplasty fails sometimes. A middle aged women presented at our OPD recently who underwent open urethroplasty somewhere else 2 yrs ago.

However, she required self catheterisation 3-4 times a day to empty her bladder due to poor flow. She was asked to do this self catheterisation for many years to come

At Institute of urology we did URODYNAMIC STUDY first and that confirmed persistent urethral obstruction. She underwent Cystoscopy and Otis urethrotomy to open up her urethra endoscopically. She had excellent urine flow thereafter and not requiring self catheterisation any more.

Below her pre and post uroflowmetry graph

Dr. Rajan Bansal Best Urologist in Jaipur
Dr M Roychowdhury Dr Rajan Bansal Best Urologist in Jaipur


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