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Prostate Surgery for a patient who was Refused Surgery everywhere else

Best Prostate Surgery Treatment Doctor Hospital In Jaipur Dr. Rajan Bansal

95 year old Lalanath ji from Bikaner was on urinary catheter due to large prostate; was refused surgeries everywhere due to his advanced age. He had no other co-morbidities

Urologists at institute of urology did laser prostate surgery ( Holep ) about 100 gms prostate was removed at one go. Surgery was successful and he was discharged after 24 hours. 07 days later his catheter was removed and he is passing urine very well.

Introduction of laser has significantly changed the surgical scenario of prostate surgery. As the surgery is almost bloodless it is possible to carry out the laser prostate surgery in elderly and patients with co-morbidities. It’s possible using laser very large prostate up to 300 Grams are removed in one sitting of surgery.


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