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Laser BNI for Bladder Neck Contracture

Laser BNI bladder neck contracture best urologist Jaipur Dr Rajan Bansal

Mr Hanumanmal ji from Churu, in Rajasthan had prostate surgery somewhere else few months ago
But soon he had bladder neck contracture. He started facing problems and came to us for treatment.

After a few tests, we soon detected Bladder Neck Contracture. We did laser BNI where bladder neck contracture was released using laser. He had a fantastic recovery. Now he’s home with zero urinary symptoms and enjoying a normal life.

Enclosing here pre and post op Uroflowmetry parameter

pre op uroflowmetry
pre op uroflowmetry
post op uroflowmetry
post op uroflowmetry


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