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Natural Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones – Dr. Rajan Bansal, Urologist in Jaipur

Natural Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones – Dr. Rajan Bansal, Urologist in Jaipur: If you have ever had kidney stones, you know it causes excruciating pain. 1 out of 10 people get kidney stones. Interestingly, males are 3 times more likely to get kidney stones as compared to females.

Natural Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones - Dr. Rajan Bansal, Urologist in Jaipur

Risk factors for Developing Kidney Stones

A- Dehydration
It’s probably the most important risk factor for developing kidney stones. When I say dehydration, I do not mean just for a day. I mean when some people develop a habit of not drinking enough water through the day, it makes them more prone to developing kidney stones.

B- High salt diet (should be less than 2000 mg per day)
High salt diet increases excretion of calcium in the urine which is one of the main risk factors for kidney stone formation. Pickle achar, papad, fast (junk) foods, noodles, Chinese foods. But if you have eaten such foods, take good amount of water so that you can balance and dilute the excess salt

C- Not enough calcium in the diet
Common misconception, because most stones are calcium, dietary calcium supplements are a risk factor for stones. But its actually opposite.

D- Oxalate rich foods.
When oxalates pass through kidney, they form stones by joining hands with calcium . Tea coffee coocoa spinach tomato beets peanuts. Generally green veggies are good but not in stone person

E- Highly acidic foods
Highly acidic urine is a risk factor for stone formation in kidney. It also makes passing the stones more painful red meat, pork, poultry, fishes and eggs. These meat rich diets are very common cause of uric acid stones. Reduce animal source of proteins. Limit animal protein to 6-8 oz per day that is size of your hand

F- Too much carbonated drinks
Colas are rich in phosphates which is a well known stone forming ingredient

How are kidney stones formed? When certain chemicals concentrate in the urine and form crystals. These crystals further accumulate that chemical or element and grow bigger forming what we call as stones. These stones can make their way along the urinary tract. If the stone gets stuck somewhere and blocks the way of urine, the body tries to push the stone extra hard and that is where we start feeling immense pain.

Prevention of kidney stones follows 2 guidelines

  1. Dilute urine with a lot of water
  2. Remove the constituents that form the kidney stones

But the thing is, one of the risk for increased calcium in urine is not due to increased calcium intake, but it is because of increased sodium intake.

I will give you a golden advise, take calcium and oxalate rich foods together so that the oxalate can bind with the calcium before it reaches the urinary system For eg – Palak ka raita

Kidney stone diets traditionally talk about reducing oxalates which is actually good. But an easier way to reduce renal stones is to increase dietary calcium.

Drink lot of water – 2.5 to 3 litres / 12 glasses per day – not at the same time but throughout the day. Ek steel ka jug rake lo 2.5 litre ka. Our wo panee peena hai din bar main. Take into account any other co morbidness you might be suffering from

Watch how much protein you eat – 1 – 1.5 g/kg body weight

Ease up on zinc supplements if you have family history of kidney stones formation

Citrus fruits – these reduce the formation of kidney stones because of presence of citrate. – lemons, oranges and grapefruit, cucumber. But do not consume too much of Vitamin C. Or it can make the body produce oxalates. Too much of anything is bad. DO not take Vitamin C more than 1500 mg per day. Eat watery fruits and veggies as they make urine less acidic

If kidney stone is removed, always send it for analysis to find out what kind of a stone was it. So that you can take appropriate measure to prevent future stone formation of the same kind specially. At Institute of Urology, Jaipur, we have this facility available.

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