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Kegel’s Exercise – The 30 seconds magic routine

Kegel’s Exercise – The 30 seconds magic routine: Hello friends, today we will talk about a magical exercise regime which literally takes less than a minute. I am sure most of you have heard about the Kegel’s exercise. But today, through this article, our aim is to precisely help you understand the importance of it. Moreover, we will talk about the way to perform Kegel’s and the easiest way you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Kegel Exercise Institute of Urology Dr Rajan Bansal Jaipur

This Video Explains The Correct Way To Do Kegel’s Exercise. Please Watch it completely to understand the right way.

Why Should Anyone do Kegel’s Exercise?

It is generally assumed that Kegel’s is some sort of a medical exercise only to be done by people suffering from certain conditions like urinary incontinence or right after delivery. But you might be surprised to know that the scope of this exercise stretches much beyond that.

Kegel’s is actually recommended even if you haven’t undergone any surgery or had any urinary problems. Just like you normally you do exercises like walking, jogging, pilates to stay fit, Kegel’s exercise helps to keep the pelvic floor muscles fit.

So practically speaking, Kegel’s can be done by everyone. Women as well as Men. The benefits of stronger Pelvic Floor muscles are numerous such as

Benefits of Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles

  1. Prevention of Urinary Incontinence (which is one of the most under-diagnosed condition specially in women usually because a lot of women do not wish to talk about it and continue living with incontinence)
  2. Prevention of Urinary Urge Incontinence.
  3. Prevention of Faecal Incontinence.
  4. Prevention of Pelvic Organ Prolapses (Such as rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse etc)
  5. Delaying age related changes in pelvic passages
  6. and much more.

How to Do Kegel’s Exercise in 2 Simple Steps

Once you get the hang of it, Kegel’s exercise are one of the easiest to perform. You can actually do it while you’re sitting at home, watching television or even in a meeting. We will help you understand how it is done. Remember, you can always speak to us in person at the hospital for any confusion.

Step 1 – Identify the Pelvic Floor Muscles the easy way

So when you’re relaxed, try to pull your private part inside (towards your stomach). You can feel the muscles around your vagina or anus contract a little. The muscles that you just felt contracting are your pelvic floor muscles. Now do it again, and you have identified the target muscles correctly.

Step 2 – How to Perform Kegel’s Exercise the Right way

First make sure your urinary bladder is empty. This exercise must be performed on an empty bladder for it to be most effective. Then, you can sit or lie down. Now the muscles that you identified in the last step, try to contract those muscles voluntarily.

In the video above, I have explained the medically correct way to do Kegel’s exercise. However, one very popular way of doing it is the 30 seconds routine. I will write in down here. (Please remember, the way that I have explained in the video is the medically accepted way, and it is mostly recommended for all urological and gynaecological related problems).

Contract the muscles and hold in that state for 3 seconds. Then release. Repeat this process for 10 times, and you have successfully completed a set of Kegel’s exercise.

Ideally, this set of 10 should be repeated for 3 times in a day. Morning, afternoon and evening. So overall, you spend 30 seconds 3 times a day to achieve great pelvic health.

Dr Rajan Bansal Urologist in jaipur Kegel's exercise

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing Kegel’s Exercise

  • Remember to breathe normally while doing Kegel’s. You don’t need to hold your breath or anything at any point while doing the exercise. Just breathe normally.
  • Make sure you’re not actively contracting the muscles of your thighs, buttocks, stomach or chest. The focus must only be on the pelvic floor muscles.
  • When done correctly, you will start noticing the better effects of Kegel’s in about a month or two. For example, if you start doing kegel’s after experiencing urinary incontinence, it will take around 2-3 months for improvement. Also, do not stop doing the exercise once you achieve remission.
  • Do not perform the exercise at the time of urinating.
  • It’s important to understand, never to overdo the exercise. Doing too much Kegel’s can actually do damage rather than good.

How is Kegel’s Exercise Beneficial for Men?

  • Like I mentioned above, Kegel’s is an exercise that could benefit both men as well as women. Some of the specific areas where Kegel’s can help men include-
  • Kegel’s helps improve urinary incontinence caused due to various reasons. It does take time to show effects, but it is the most helpful exercise for incontinence.
  • Kegel’s can also help with the pain and swelling that occurs with Prostatic enlargement and Prostatic infection (Prostatitis).
  • It can also help improve men’s sexual pleasure by providing more control on ejaculation as well as it can enhance the sensation or orgasm.

Are there any conditions where Kegel’s should not be performed?

If you suffer from any particular problem, it is best to discuss with a urologist before starting to perform Kegel’s exercise. In general, if you have problems related to hyperactivity of the pelvic floor muscles, then it is best to consult a urologist and not start with a new exercise regime on your own.

Finally, always remember we at Institute of Urology, Jaipur are here to help you though with your problems. We understand how some problems aren’t too easy to share. But we assure you, discussing the problem is the most important first step, and we are always here to guide you through best possible treatment plan. We are only a phone call away – 9829013468, 8601539297

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