Emergency Department of Institute of Urology stays committed to providing every critical patient optimum care and high-quality treatment 24 X 7. It is manned by highly qualified doctors, specialists, and paramedical staff.

All our ambulances are equipped with a surgical stretcher as well as oxygen tray and are managed by a doctor and nurse who administer proper measures as per the patient’s condition.

Institute of Urology aims to bring the rates of medication errors to zero with its 24-hours drug store. Our stock stores every medicinal need, rare drugs, and surgical materials. We follow stringent quality control measures.

The patients, their relatives, and the doctors have accessibility to the necessary updated drugs anytime. Medicines are stored as per the required standards and are completely authentic. The staff consists of only registered pharmacist.

Institute of Urology’s cafeteria remains open 24 hours a day and visitors are more than welcome to have a meal here. This cafeteria offers soups, salads, hot & cold foods, and grills. Specific hours have been assigned for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It provides the visitors, patients, and the staff with best, hygienic and nutritious food.

Our laboratory & radiological diagnostic services like X-ray, Ultrasound, 2D-echo, Doppler, ECG are available throughout day & night.

The proficient inclusive staff here collaborates with the medical specialists to deliver optimal care.

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) caters to the complex needs of critical & post surgical patients. State of the art ventilator, defibrillator and other sophisticated equipments are available. This unit is supervised by highly experienced ICU specialists.

Institute of Urology’s VIP services provide personal assistance to its patients from diagnosis to complete treatment. It combines personal care, attentive treatment, innovative technologies, modern equipment, and professional specialists.

Prior reservations, a personal manager, and no waiting! These services ensure complete comfort and tranquility of patients.