Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

What is the procedure all about? PCNL is the technique to remove large kidney stones (around 2 cm) through a keyhole surgery. It removes stones that cause problems like kidney damage, pain in urine drainage or recurrent urinary infections. What are the advantages of PCNL? This procedure allows complicated stones to be removed through a minimal operation and the recovery time is much shorter than other traditional methods. Moreover, improved techniques and equipment make this surgery safer. How is…

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Common Urological problems in female

The technical name for the field of Urology is Genitourinary (GU). The urologists have traditionally provided health care to both the genital and urinary systems of males and the urinary system in females, with the Gynecologist caring for the genital system in females. Recently, the Urologist and Gynecologist have expanded their roles in the field of Urogynecology. Females make up approximately 30% of our urological practice. Women experience some of the same urologic diseases as do men, albeit with different…

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Old age, Prostate gland enlargement and its remedies.

As men get older, prostate gland enlargement becomes a common accompaniment. And it may cause bothersome urinary symptoms — often the condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or benign enlargement of prostate (BEP). Untreated it often causes damage to the bladder & kidneys. But one should not forget that enlargement sometimes may be because of cancer. Modern day medicines offer you variety of effective treatments for your problem. Your urologist will hear your symptoms, examine & investigate you…

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Premature ejacualtion: The Most Comonn Male Sexual Dysfunction

Overview: Premature ejaculation is (PE) the most common male sexual dysfunction, with a prevalence rate of 30%, more than twice greater than erectile dysfunction (ED). PE, unlike ED (erectile dysfunction), affects men of all ages from 18 year old to the elderly. In contrast, ED occurs more commonly in older men. PE and ED will often coexist and PE often masquerades or is misdiagnosed as ED in many men, especially in the absence of a careful sexual history. Main objective…

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